A Great Dad for a Great School Board Director

My husband, Michael Mathias is running for the 4th District Seat on the Milwaukee Public Schools board. I’m writing today to share the endorsement Michael received from the Shepherd Express and share why Michael is the right choice for the children, families and the residents of the 4th District.

I’m especially proud of the endorsement from the Shepherd. Throughout our many years in Milwaukee -- as we attended UWM, took our first jobs, painted that first nursery in our flat in Riverwest -- the Shepherd was always there, and it’s who we trusted to tell us what was really happening.

The endorsement in the Shepherd says: Mathias struck us as a smart advocate for the city’s public education system, and taxpayers will trust his judgment in the coming years. Mathias will be the kind of public servant that will make this district—and this city—proud. He deserves voters’ support on April 7.

I know Michael will make this district and city proud. He’s been making me proud for the last fifteen years. Ever since we found out I was pregnant with our first son, Michael has dedicated his life to our children. His aspiration to serve the 4th district is driven from a desire to see all children in MPS succeed as our own children have.

When our sons started early childhood education programs at Highland Community School, Michael felt it was his duty to run for Highland’s governance board, and spent hours each week tackling the complex problems of a school in transition. At the end of Michael’s three-year term, Highland was a stronger, more stable school.

When our middle son needed special education services, Michael researched the options available and fought to have him placed in the autism program at Dover Street School, where our son found a school, principal and teacher that changed his life. Today our son is fully integrated back into a regular education program, and his success is due in no small part to Michael’s fierce love, determination, and devotion.

Lately, Saturday mornings find Michael up at dawn to drive our oldest son, a 7th-grader at Milwaukee School of Languages, to forensics meets. And every night, even throughout this busy campaign, Michael’s at the dining room table helping our oldest boys with their homework.

Michael takes an extremely active role in our children’s education. He knows firsthand what’s working in MPS and what’s not. He knows how hard working our teachers and principals are, and he knows the challenges they face every day. He’s seen the devastating effect of over-crowded classrooms, and knows from personal experience what a difference programs like SAGE make for teachers and students. He knows exactly how the lack of art, music and gym programs impact student achievement.

Michael’s presence in MPS schools means he has the trust and respect of many teachers, principals and other MPS board members. Michael has used his campaign to reach out to existing board members, including board president Peter Blewett and director Michael Bonds. Michael’s experience and deep understanding of the issues means he will walk into that first board meeting ready to go to work. In addition, Michael will come to the board free of any agenda, completely independent and beholden only to the children, families, teachers and residents of the 4th district.

Michael will make us proud. Please join me in voting for Michael on Tuesday, April 7th. Thank you for your time and support.

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