Comment Review: Do I Live In The Hood?

An alarmed, and anonymous, reader (see below, in red) is concerned about my foul mouth and the way I was raise (sic). I can assure the gentle reader that my parents spent much time and effort raising me to the highest standards of civilized society.

In other words, leave my mom and dad out of it, asshole.

And, by the way, I do live in the hood -- proud of it. What’s your point?

In summary, if you are offended by profanity, take yourself too seriously or are under eighteen years of age, don’t come ‘round here no more.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post Roundy's Review Roundup!:

Roundy's bar soap is great for washing out the foul mouths of gutter speak adults. Do you live in the hood? Is this the way you were raise to speak (write)?

UPDATE: My mother-in-law thinks I'm ok, too (see comments). She's enormously sophisticated, and she lives in the hood.

Desperate times call for desperate "gutter speak." Really, how could anyone possibly discuss W., the war or our current economic state without letting the explicatives fly? (Although I admit I'm a peacetime profaner as well.)

In a bar-soap-in-the-mouth-related note, our youngest son once took a bite out of a bar of Burt's Bees soap, thinking it was chocolate (it does look very much like a candy bar). He's just starting to trust the cocoa bean again.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Anne, can you imagine your attitude, if you didn't live in the HOOD.
Watch out, folks, nobody wants Anne living in the subturds.

G. Rosann

Anonymous said...

My point?

You must have been and continue to be a huge embarassment to your family with your true lack of "highest standards of civilized society".

You have obviously chosen to raise your children to your standards, the lowest of uncivilized society.

Your attitude reflects very poorly upon not only you, but Mickey and the children as well.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, your mind has been sanitized with Roundy's Bar Soap. Your Mother must be very embarrassed, your priorities are truly misguided. Yo MAMA didn't raise you right!
Practice saying, "1-2-3-4, WE DON'T WANT YOUR FUCKING WAR!!!"
And admit it, Marines Do Kill Babies.
Shame on You,
G. Rosann

Anonymous said...

G. Rosann,

Your rose colored glasses and love beads are completely relevant to your views. I never once discussed political views.

You are very prejudicial and assuming, not a great quality for someone who hates so much and loves so little.

Roundy's runs sales on soap, watch the ads get a 2 for one sale.

Peace man.

Anonymous said...

Fuck man,
You were the one who asked dear, sweet Anne if she lived in the HOOD. You showed your fucking bias, fucking prejudice and fucking ignorance by your fucked-up phrase - "the lowest levels of uncivilized society". Those are extremely fucking political statements or are you too fucked up to understand? Who fucking raised you? And how can you be so fucking misguided to be bothered by words? Fucking confused enough to think that(what you consider fucking bad)language is evidence of a neighborhood or a level of civilization/class structure.
I don't think we can fucking help you, man. "Stay offa my cloud", you're bringing me down, asshole. G.Rosann

James Wigderson said...


I feel the same way about goddam pinko lefties and Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

Can't say/write it, can you, Jimmy?
G. Rosann