Babystuffs Review: Wal-Mart Brand Organic Cotton Baby Wipes

If you’re like me, you use diaper wipes for a lot more than cleaning waste products from your child’s nether-regions. I’ve used wipes for, but not limited to: makeup remover cloths, spot cleaners, earplugs, dust cloths, auto interior cleaners, whole body sponge baths, shoe shines, pathetic hand puppets, chocolate ice cream cone disasters, Kleenex and one desperate day, toilet paper.

In short, a good, sturdy wipe is important to today’s family on the go.

The organic cotton diaper wipes are soft, perfectly moistened and have a pleasant nubby texture not unlike a cotton wash cloth. If the wipes were scented, it must have been subtle, because I didn’t really notice it. Plus there’s the whole organic thing that really appeals to my guilty conscience, especially since these things came from Wal-Mart.

They are priced less than the non-organic national brands and the texture is hands-down better. So five stupid yellow smiley faces for Wal-Mart Brand Organic Cotton Baby Wipes!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these wipes. I tried them because my daughter was allergic to other fragrance-free wipes. Although it does not day "fragrance free" there is no fragrance listed in the ingredients, and the texture is wonderful. The price is great as well.

Anne Quimby Mathias said...

They are great wipes. I'm almost out of my last package and am trying to decide if the ends justify the means with another trip to Wal-Mart.