Foodstuffs (?) Review: Let's dip Dracula (Fuchs Brand)

My very cool friend Gina brought me this gift from her adventures in one of the “ania” countries of Central Europe. She knew I would appreciate nothing better than a powdered dip mix bearing the excellent name “Let’s dip Dracula.”

It’s the best gift I’ve ever received.

This review will be somewhat incomplete, since I haven’t the heart to open the package and actually prepare the dip. And since I don’t read Romanian (I think it’s Romanian) I probably shouldn’t prepare the dip anyway. If I ever do prepare it, I probably shouldn’t eat it, or feed it to anyone else, especially our small children.

Anyway, most of the discussion about Let’s dip Dracula has to do with punctuation.

I can’t shake the feeling that the Fuchs corporation omitted a critical piece of punctuation in the product name, Let’s dip Dracula.

Amongst my friends, family and former co-workers, there is much disagreement as to which punctuation mark is missing.

Most of us agree it’s one of two things:

1) It’s either missing an exclamation point, as in: “Let’s dip Dracula! Grab him! Totally submerge him in dip!”

2) Or, it’s missing a comma, as in, “Let’s dip, Dracula. Let us, you and I, cast caution to the wind and dip together in delicious dipping delight.”

Please feel free to weigh in, unless you just want to tell me I’m obviously over-thinking this whole thing and it’s nothing more than a product name written by someone with a less than firm grasp of English. I’ve heard THAT one before.


Gina said...

Knowing that I faced certain judgment from the owner of a tiny Transylvanian market for being a self-indulgant American, I threw caution to the wind and purchased the store's ENTIRE STOCK of Let's Dip Dracula. That's a lot of dip. By anyone's standards, really. But what can I say, the good people at Fuch's got me with their creative packaging and curious product name.
Anyway, at the time (and possibly still today despite the variety of potential interpretations), I thought it was a casual and breezy invitation of sorts if one was say, hanging out and snacking with Dracula. Like, "Hey Dracula, let's dip!"
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anne Quimby Mathias said...

Gina, I'm thinking we need to have a night where we test "Let's Dip Dracula" and the Hello Kitty Choco-Cat Gum we got in Chinatown.

Oh, and beer. Lots of beer.